“Sikkawala” is the registered trademark of Sikkawala India Pvt. Ltd, a Delhi based company. As the name indicates Sikkawala mean something related to coins (sikka).  We are in B2B business in Bullion (raw Gold and Silver) and Coins (Gold and Silver) through our mobile app (Sikkawala-Bullion Live for Delhi) available both in ios and android. Where you will find live Delhi rates of Bullion and Coins

As precious metal prices are rising, due to this, Gold and Diamond Jewelry become quite expensive, it has limited to occasion like Function, Wedding, Engagements and Celebrations. Again with the security for their loved ones due to theft, stealing, snatching, people started avoiding wearing gold jewelry on daily basis, people prefer to buy gold as investment and prefer to wear silver jewelry as Daily wear, Travel wear, Office/work wear, Destination wear

While as Silver is also wear as jewelry too! Unique properties of Silver not only makes the product shine but is also believed to have some elements that are healthy. Gifting Silver to someone signifies the Gesture of prosperity and wealth, Gifting Silver items has been followed for ages.  Silver is the second most precious metal next to Gold, be it Indian Wedding or Corporate Gifting. Unlike Gold, Silver has a different set of unique properties and can still be used in a variety of cases.

As change in customer mindset towards silver jewelry Sikkawala has a solution for both investment and silver jewelry.

We provide investment in gold and silver through our mobile app Sikkawala-Bullion Live for Delhi, but limited to Delhi & NCR customer

We provide daily wear, travel wear 925 BIS Hallmarked Silver jewelry through our website Sikkawala.com which is available pan india

Sikkawala provide 999 Silver coin (New and creative concepts)

Sikkawala provide 925 BIS Hallmarked silver jewelry

What we offer

  • Pan India delivery
  • Branded Coin
  • Concept coins
  • Customized Coin
  • BIS Hallmarked jewelry
  • Branded Jewelry
  • Customized packing

We are happy to serve you in any stream……